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Permanent Makeup


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Thank you so much for trusting Glam Bar AL with your beautiful face! Prior to booking an appointment, we ask that all Glam Bar clients read and review the information below fully to ensure you are informed about our policies, forms, frequently asked questions, and more!

It's a lot of information, but vital that the client understands everything prior to booking an appointment.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns after reviewing the information below! We look forward to seeing you soon!


Kennedy Kirkland

Glam Bar Alabama / Owner


Microblading, Blading with shading, Lip Blush, Lash Liner- What are they?

All of the techniques offered at Glam Bar AL are considered permanent makeup or a semi-permanent tattoo, to help make you look younger, more refreshed, and more put together with little to no effort!

Specifically all of our permanent makeup techniques are achieved by inserting pigment into the skin to create a natural-looking eyebrow, enhance the lips, or enhance the eye area.

This informative permanent makeup packet is the first step for you to earn our trust. This information explains how everything works so you can make the right decision on what suits your skin and lifestyle best!


Who is a good candidate?

The simple answer is, anyone who wants to wake up with full, beautiful brows, lips, or eyeliner every day! Busy parents who want to alleviate the burden of applying makeup every morning, active people who don't want the stress of sweating their makeup off anymore, or anyone struggling to perfectly shape their eyeliner, lips, or brows.

Other clients include: cancer survivors, those suffering from scarring, Alopecia, Trichotillomania, or other diseases that might have caused eyebrow hair loss.

Let Glam Bar AL do all the work for YOU!

Who is NOT a good candidate?

  • If you are taking blood thinning medication

  • Under 18 years of age

  • Skin irritations on or near the area including, but not limited to- sunburn, psoriasis, acne, rashes, blisters, etc.

  • Those who are pregnant, planning to be pregnant in the next 4 months, or nursing (must be 3 months post-nursing)

  • If you are taking sun-sensitizing medications or skin exfoliating products including, but not limited to- Retinoids, Vitamin A, Accutane (must be stopped for 6 months prior and 6-weeks post treatment)

  • Those undergoing chemotherapy (must be 6 months past with a medical clearance)

  • Diabetic patients (must be in a controlled state with a medical clearance)

  • Those with skin diseases or viral infections

  • Those with glaucoma 

  • Botox and filler should be performed 4 weeks pre and/or post PMU procedure

  • Those with a history of keloid scarring

  • Eyelash-growth serums like Latisse must not be used 1 month pre and post lash liner procedure

  • Those with pacemakers can not receive machine PMU (a manual brow method can be used)

  • Those who have ever had shingles (PMU can cause a flare up)

  • Those with auto-immune disorders and/or deficiencies

  • Those with a history of cold sores can not have Lip Blush as PMU can cause a flare up (medical clearance & medication pre, during, and post PMU service required)

  • No chemical peels or strong exfoliating facial treatments 1 month before & 2 months post-PMU service

  • Cosmetic facial surgery must be healed at least 6 months before PMU procedure

  • Those with previous permanent tattoo work

* DISCLAIMER: It is required that the client consult with their Physician prior to taking, altering, or stopping any form of medication and/or supplements, or making changes to their dosing cycles, diet, etc.

How to Prepare

  • Do not take blood thinning medication (aspirin, niacin, vitamin E, fish oil, or ibuprofen for one week prior appointment

  • no caffeine, alcohol, or energy drinks within 24 hours -increases the risk of bleeding

  • brow waxing & tinting and lip waxing must be performed 7 days prior and 6 weeks after

  • no chemical peels, exfoliating facial treatments, or skin thinners 1 month before and 2 months after

  • stop using lash growth serums 1 month before and after

  • For lash liner, you should remove your contacts since your eyes will be gently manipulated

  • For lash liner, you should be lash extension free before and during your appointment

  • For lip blush - if you have a history of or have cold sores/fever blisters, you must obtain a medical clearance &  an antiviral medication for use before, during, & after procedure to avoid an outbreak. 

  • For lip blush, you must come with hydrated lips (exfoliate 3 days prior & moisturizer 1 week up to with aquaphor)

  • Come to your appointment makeup free on the area receiving PMU

Permanent Makeup - Policies

Prior Permanent Makeup

For Brows only-- By consult only. Sometimes we cannot work over other artists' work. Please contact us to discuss BEFORE booking. If you have EVER had permanent makeup before (even if it has completely faded), you must let us know prior to booking so we can ensure that it can be covered. Failure to do so may result in disappointment and loss of deposit if you arrive to your appointment and it cannot be covered. I absolutely do not work over any previous work on Lip Blush or Eyeliner.

Payment Policy

Glam Bar Alabama accepts all major credit cards, debit cards and cash. No checks or money orders. All permanent makeup appointments require a non-refundable $100.00 booking deposit to book. This booking fee goes toward your total investment and holds your spot on the calendar. Please call, email, or text to book your appointment, or book online. After selecting a date and time, you will receive instructions for paying your deposit by debit or credit card by email. Your appointment is not booked until you have paid your deposit. Please review our cancellation policy below prior to booking.

Cancellation Policy

Please read this policy before booking any appointments at Glam Bar Alabama to make sure you fully understand. The reason for this policy is that we remain very booked for all services, with some clients waiting months to be seen. While we are ever so grateful for our wonderful clients, timely and efficient service is necessary for us to provide outstanding customer service. If you fail to comply with these policies, we are unable to service everyone in a fair and efficient way. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, and these policies exist to give all clients the absolute best experience possible. We are so thankful for your business and welcome any inquiries about this policy!

For all permanent makeup appointments, a 72-hour notice is required to cancel or reschedule your appointment. Should you fail to cancel or reschedule your appointment at least 72-hours before your appointment, you will forfeit your booking deposit. Should you wish to reschedule your appointment at that point, you definitely can! You will have to pay another non-refundable deposit to book another date.

Late Policy

If you are over 10-minutes late to any appointment, you will be asked to reschedule, and the same policies above will apply. This is because all clients receive thorough consultations and detailed, precise work. As a result, we will not omit vital steps or rush your appointment or others. Therefore, if you are more than 10-minutes late to your appointment, you will forfeit your deposit and be required to pay another non-refundable deposit before you can re-book.There will be no exceptions to this policy. By booking your appointment with Glam Bar Alabama, you acknowledge that you have read, understand, and agree to the Cancellation Policy.

Your Compliance

All permanent makeup procedures are a 2-step process: The initial appointment and the 6-week touchup appointment. By omitting your 6-week touchup appointment, you are not fully completing the process.


Touchups are a required part of the permanent makeup process as it is very difficult to predict how well the skin will retain the pigment. If you have things you do want to tweak after the first appointment, no worries! The brows may needs more strokes added or maybe one specific area did not take the pigment well. The color may need an adjustment or the client may just want to go darker. Other reasons that touchups are required are to ensure as much symmetry as possible with your bone structure. At the touchup, we can also adjust things like: one brow tail appearing shorter or higher/lower than the other from healing, or going overall darker with your PMU. These are all minor imperfections that are easily fixed at the 8-week touchup appointment. We will continue to work on your brows at the touchup appointment! Even if you love your brows, lips, or liner, the touchup is vital to the final complete result!

If you do not schedule and omit your required 8-week touchup appointment, please understand that pricing will be reflected based on how long it has been between your initial and touchup appointment.

If you had your initial Permanent Makeup appointment done by Glam Bar Alabama and chose to go elsewhere for your touchup because you failed to maintain your appointment, please understand that I will no longer service you!


Permanent Makeup is life-changing, but does require some maintenance from you after you leave the studio to ensure your lips, eyebrows, and/or eyeliner heals beautifully!

  • No heavy sweating for 10 days after the procedure

  • No skincare, makeup, creams on area (except for provided aftercare ointment) until healed

  • Apply ointment very sparingly to area (rice grain sized amount)

  • No steam, hot baths, sauna, hot tub, swimming, pools until flaking is complete & healed

  • No sunbathing or tanning for 4 weeks after procedure

  • Protect the area from sun exposure when in direct sunlight

  • No facials, chemical peels, botox, dermabrasion, or other strong exfoliants/treatments until fully healed

  • For eyebrow & liner procedure, avoid eyelash and eyebrow tinting/lifting, waxing, electrolysis, and tweezing until healed

  • No abrasive products (rough towels, wash cloths, etc.)

  • Do not scratch or pick at area (flaking needs to fall off on it's own)

  • Call, text, or email us if you have any questions!

  • Extreme redness, swelling, pain or seepage are all signs of a reaction or possible infection. This would be rare, but if it occurs, call a doctor immediately!

*Aftercare is provided at appointment time

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faq - frequently asked questions

Are you certified & licensed to operate?

Yes! Glam Bar Alabama is a licensed tattoo studio and all working artists are certified permanent makeup artists. All artists completed a hands-on training and received certification from one or more permanent makeup artists and training academies. Our artists have trained with some of the best trainers in the world all over the US - Tina Davies, Shay Danielle, Sheila Bella to name a few. All artists have received extensive training and certification in Blood Borne Pathogens as deemed necessary for tattoo artists by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and Alabama Department of Public Health. It’s crucial that you choose not only a certified permanent makeup artist, but also a licensed one to ensure your health is protected!

Do I need to shave or wax my eyebrow hair?

No! We will shape your eyebrows as needed with tweezing and/or an eyebrow razor and choose a color pigment that blends seamlessly with your natural brows. If you have a lot of brow hair it may be useful to have your brows waxed about 1 week before your appointment – but that is optional.

Does it hurt?

Every client is different and pain tolerance does vary by client. Most clients describe the pain level as minimal and find threading more uncomfortable. At Glam Bar Alabama, we use the best topical lidocaine numbing available to minimize discomfort. That being said, this is a still a semi-permanent tattoo. You will typically feel some discomfort. We recommend drinking plenty of water before and after your appointment to have well hydrated skin. Based on experience, we would describe the feeling as a slight burning, astringent like sensation. Very tolerable and worth it!

What is the healing process?

Some swelling and tenderness after the procedure is normal and may last a day or so, depending on the client. Your new brows, lips, and eyeliner will appear DARKER AND SHARPER than the way they will heal. This is especially true for days 2-5. This is harder for some clients than others and patience is key at this point. Clients who rarely wear makeup may find that they don't like how their brows, lips, or liner looks on these days because they are too intense. That's normal! The pigment is sitting on top of the skin and has not yet settled into your face. As your skin heals over the tattoo, your brows, lips, and liner with lighten and soften. This process takes about 7-14 days or so on average. It’s important to follow all after care instructions and to attend the required follow up appointment to make the finishing touches to your new brows, lips, and liner! Your healing is only about 50% in our control. Once you leave it's up to you to be diligent about following the instructions you're given to get the best result! And no matter how great they look, it's important to come for your touch up appointment to get the final result. This is a 2 step process, so even if you have some things you want to tweak after the first appointment, no worries! We will continue to work on your brows, lips, and liner at your touch up.

How long does it last?

This will vary by client. If aftercare instructions are followed diligently, your new brows, lips, and liner will last approximately 1-3 years on average before they're mostly faded; 18 months is average. For some people, their brows, lips, and liner will last even longer, and some less. Certain factors such as sun exposure, tanning beds, getting regular exfoliating facials, oily skin type, bleeding, etc., will affect whether your brows will last on the higher or lower end of the expected 1-3 years. We recommend one touch up per year to keep them fresh. Coming more often increases the risk for scar tissue or causing your brows, lips, or liner to look unnatural.

Does it look natural?

Absolutely! The techniques used at Glam Bar creates realistic, simulated hair strokes and/or powder fill that looks just like a real eyebrow, eyeliner, and/or lip blush. You will have the opportunity to discuss the shape and color with your cosmetic tattoo artist. While creating a design for you, we take into consideration lifestyle, amount of hair present, age, personality, current use of makeup, and undertones present in the skin and hair. The artist also takes your brow bone structure, lip shape, and curvature of your eyelid into consideration. The shape and color are confirmed and approved by the client before tattooing begins!

How long does the appointment take?

The process takes approximately two hours from the moment you walk in the door to completion of your beautiful new brows. The first thirty to forty five minutes is spent designing your new brows, choosing the color, and discussing your skin and lifestyle. Occasionally, some clients will have some slight redness and swelling around the area which is very normal and will subside within a couple of hours. Most clients go on about their normal day when they leave their appointment.​

Does age matter?

While by law, you must be at least 18 years old to receive permanent makeup, there is no maximum age! We have a wide range of clients and would love to help you feel beautiful!

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*Should you be unable to attend your 8-10 week touchup, the pricing will increase to the next touchup tier

Okay great! You have reviewed all of the information on this page! Next step?

Before Booking, follow the steps below:
1.Review the policy page
2.Ask us ANY questions you have

3.Fill out the jotform
4.Email to reserve a date/time 

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